Grade 4B
Instructor: Sr. Carolyn Zionce   
"Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father." á(Matthew 5:16)

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Class Announcements
September 18, 2017

There will be no signed papers this week. Your child's Spelling test from Friday is in the red folder.
It does not need to be returned.

School pictures have been moved to Monday, Sept. 18th.

There will be a Reading test, Religion test, and Spelling test this week.

Look for your child's notes in the Red Folder and homework in the agenda. Please send notes, forms, lunch money, etc. back to school in the Red Folder.

Sr. Carolyn

Monday - P. E.
Read an AR book 10-15 minutes

Tuesday - Music
Reading test on "Jacob Lawrence"
Read an AR book 10-15 minutes

Wednesday - Computer class
Mass today in the gym at 7:40
Religion test on Chapter 3
Read an AR book 10-15 minutes

Thursday - Spanish class
Read an AR book 10-15 minuts

Friday - Library and Music
Spelling test - Unit 6
Reading test

We have completed the story "Jacob Lawrence" - a short biography. The test is Tuesday.
We will begin reading "The River that Gave Gifts" - a fantasy

Read in your AR book each day. Students need to have 15 AR points for the first quarter. Read every day for 15 minutes.

We will have a test on chapter 3, "The Commandments and God's Covenant" on Wednesday.
The chapter has been highlighted for students to study.
We are beginning Chapter 4, "The Commandments and the Lord's Prayer."
We will complete the section on personal narratives.

-personal narrative

We will complete Chapter 6 - a review unit. Students have 50 basic words to review for the test on Friday.

Test on Friday

Class Homework
No "Class Homework" exist(s)