Grade 4B
Instructor: Sr. Carolyn Zionce   
"I am the light of the world, says the Lord; whoever follows me will have the light of life."á(John 8:12)

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We will complete Unit 12 and take a test on Thursday.
Several students will be at a school activity on Friday so the test is scheduled for Thursday.

This week we go back to the front part of the book and will be covering writing formal letters. The chapter begins on page 45.

We will cover: formal language, addressing envelopes, antonyms, review compound sentences, and review speaking and listening skills.

There will be a test on "The Turtle Who Wanted to Fly" on Tuesday and there will be a quiz on Book A on Thursday. The test on Book A is not a detailed test. The questions are general. Ex. In which story was there a character who was looking for a name? What was the setting of the story "Owl Moon"?

Read in your AR book each day. Students need to have 15 AR points for the second quarter. Read every day for 15 minutes.


We are working on the section "Saints and Holy People" in the back of the book.
Class Announcements

Nov3, 2017

Dear Parents,

Signed papers will go home on Monday.

You should find a note in your child's red folder about the food drive for Thanksgiving. The fourth grade have been asked to bring chicken broth and sugar. Please send donations to school by Nov. 10. Sacred Heart Southern Missions provides food baskets for many people in need for Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful opportunity to help children understand that they have so much and develop a sense that we are responsible to help others.

Fifteen points will be the goal for AR for the second quarter. Many students will be able to exceed this goal. We will try to read more nonfiction this nine weeks.

Look for your child's notes in the Red Folder and for homework assignments in the agenda. Please send notes, forms, lunch money, etc. back to school in the Red Folder.

Sr. Carolyn

Monday - P. E.
Read an AR book 10-15 minutes
Spelling Unit 12 - This is a review unit so students do not have words to write.

Tuesday - Music
Read an AR book 10-15 minutes
Reading test on "The Turtle Who Wanted to Fly"

Wednesday - Computer class
Mass at 7:40 in the gym honoring vererans for their service
Read an AR book 10-15 minutes

Thursday - Spanish class
Spelling test - Unit 12
Reading test on Book A
Read an AR book 10-15 minutes

Friday - Library and Music
No Spelling test today - the test will be on Thursday because a number of students will be out.

Class Homework
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