Grade 4B
Instructor: Sr. Carolyn Zionce   
"Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father." á(Matthew 5:16)

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Class Announcements

April 30, 2017

Thanks to everyone who helped with Race Day. The children had a great time running and enjoying the day.

The fourth grade will be taking the ACT Aspire test this week. 4B will test on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 4A will test on Monday and Wednesday. It would be helpful if students were not checked out early on those days. On Friday morning we will be taking the writing section of the test. It would be helpful if students arrived on time. All tests except the writing portion will be taken on computers. The Writing test will be a pencil paper test.

We will complete as much in our regular subjects as possible. Because of testing we will probably not have every subject every day.

Try to read an AR book some each day. Students need 20 points in AR for the fourth nine weeks.

Sr. Carolyn

Monday - P. E.
Homework: Spelling - Unit 32 once in cursive. Study the words.

Read an AR book for 15 minutes.

Tuesday - Music

Read an AR book for 15 minutes

Wednesday - Computer class
Mass at 10:05 in the gym

​ Read in an AR book 10-15 minutes.

Thursday - Spanish class

Friday - Library and Music
Spelling test on Unit 32 words.
Reading test "Big Sister" and "Grandpa"


We will complete work for the stories "I'm the Big Sister Now" and "Grandpa" this week. The test on both stories will be on Friday.

Read in your AR book each day. Students need to have 20 AR points for the fourth quarter. Read every day for 15 minutes.

We will begin the chapter on verbs. Since we have testing this week we probably won't get too far in the chapter.


We will complete Unit 32 this week.
This is a very difficult unit - singular and plural possessive nouns
Test on Friday.
Homework on Mon. - write the words once in cursive


We are working on Chapter 12 - "The Commandments and Doing God's Will"

Class Homework
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